Listen: Etches – “Let’s Move In”

4 Oct


Autumn is here, the nights are drawing in and as the clocks prepare themselves for their bi-annual game of hopscotch the darkness will be ever more prevalent. Apt then that this time of year has seen the emergence of a new band who seem suited to the shadows, and that features the kind of low, brooding vocals that wouldn’t be out of place leaning alone against a wall, staring off into the middle distance, a near imperceptible look of anguish and melancholy etched into their face. All while retro-sounding electronics, drum beats and cymbal splashes bubble softly underneath. This then, is the sound of Etches.

Based out of Liverpool, though the members come from all over the country, this five-piece have managed to cook up quite a musical jambalaya for their debut demo, “Let’s Move In”. Dashes of Interpol, White Lies and even Noel Gallagher are mixed in with an 80s computer-game electronic pulse that twitches like an ECG machine monitoring the vitals of a relationship in intensive care.

It moves slowly along, not plodding or cumbersome but determined, measured in its monochrome introspection and analyses. Bold splashes of colour and light are added in choruses that reach out beyond the walls and out into the wilds of the countryside beyond. It’s perfect for those long autumnal evenings.

A video for “Let’s Move In” will be released later this month and there is also a remix from the wonderful Strangers on the way as well.

Etches Live Dates:
October 15th / Mello Mello / Liverpool / with Fun Adults
October 23rd / A Nation Of Shopkeepers / Leeds / with Beaty Heart
November 1st / The Castle / Manchester / with Beaty Heart
November 6th / Hoxton Bar & Kitchen / London / with Beaty Heart
November 10th / East Village Arts Club / Liverpool / with Glass Animals

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