Watch: The Ramona Flowers – “Brighter”

8 Oct

Ramona Flowers Brighter

We readily admit that we may not be the sharpest tool in the box (if we were sent for an IQ test we’d probably end up lost in the paint and decorating aisle) but we do like to think that we are able to get music videos and their symbolism. Mostly anyway. There’s always one or two though that tend to leave us a little baffled and the latest offering from The Ramona Flowers falls into that category.

Don’t get us wrong, the video for “Brighter” is really good, it looks lovely and we do get the ‘in it together’ message that the two-young-lovers-escaping-an-unknown-big-bad-scenario conveys. We just don’t really know what’s going on. At first we thought it was a Battle Royale last one standing kinda thing, but that’s not it, so what are they running from? Why are they in their underwear? Why is there a boat in a field and how did she know to look under that particular pile of leaves? These questions need answering and the next time we see the band, we’re gonna ask them.

We do know that the song still sounds great and remains a bold, anthemic piece of folktronic-pop music that continues to mark The Ramona Flowers as a band on the rise. Enjoy the song, enjoy the video, scratch your heads and see what you think. Any theories are warmly welcomed.

”Brighter” is out now on Distiller Records, featuring “Bass Will Find You” as the b-side, and is available on clear 7” vinyl. The Ramona Flowers are also on tour (dates are below the video), we’ve seen them live twice this year and recommend you go along if you have the chance.

See The Ramona Flowers live:

Oct 10 – Manchester, Night & Day
Oct 11 – Doncaster, Leopard
Oct 12 – York, Duchess
Oct 13 – Nottingham, Bodega
Oct 14 – London, Electrowerks
Oct 15 – Southampton, Joiners
Oct 16 – Bristol, Louisiana
Oct 17 – Leicester, Soundhouse
Oct 18 – Sunderland, Independent

Tickets are available at:

Stalk The Ramona Flowers: Facebook / Twitter / Website

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