Things to see and hear: Norwich Sound & Vision 2013 Preview

9 Oct


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No not Christmas, we’re talking about those three magical days in October when our fine city of Norwich is inundated with amazing bands and musicians for the annual Norwich Sound and Vision Festival. Last year we gave you all a little preview of the festival, highlighting some of the amazing acts that played and we thought, you know what, let’s do it again.

Before we get to that, here’s some official festival blurb from the people that write those kinds of things;

“NS&V works with inner-city venues, filling the days with thought-provoking conferences and cramming the nights with all your favourite bands (but you just don’t know them yet). NS&V is a place for companies, individuals, bands/musicians, record labels, filmmakers, gamemakers, writers – anyone with an interest in the music, film and multimedia industries – to network, reach new markets, forge new partnerships, learn, be inspired and have a great time in one of England’s most charming cities.

There is quite literally loads going on in the city over the next three days, we are going to focus on the gig side (which, like the festival as whole, is bigger and better than ever) but we urge you all to check out for full conference details, including details of a panel on copyright in music, how not to do an interview (we’ll be there to find out where we’ve been going wrong all these years), how not to make a music video and a panel on the relationship between music and football, which sounds like a must attend event to us.

Each day of the festival we will bring you a preview of the gigs that are happening that evening, what we recommend and what we are going to see. Or try to see we should say, as it is entirely likely that our plans will change as we run venue to venue like some haphazard, younger and (hopefully) cooler (and less chased by stocking-ed nurses) Benny Hill…

Or something…

From Benny Hill we become Frankie Howard as we give a little prologue (older readers should get that joke we hope) of all the gig going by stating that this looks to be the biggest and best NSV so far. There are more venues, more artists, more panels and yes, probably more running.

We’ll go into more detail each day but for now we will say that we fully intend to be seen at
The Birdcage for Abi Wade, George Ezra and Alto45; The Arts Centre for Superfood, Drenge, No Ceremony, Ghostpoet and Horse Party; the Hog and Armour for Pins and at Open for Ty.

On Saturday night of course, we are curating our own stage. Yes, you did read that right. We have our own stage at this year’s Sound and Vision and it’s an absolute cracker. At Olives (on Elm Hill for those of you who know the city) we will be hosting Curxes, Strangers and Waylayers for an austerity respecting £3 entrance fee (payable on the door) or totally free for NSV wristband wearers.

We are back each day to provide more detail as to what is happening, plus music and tracks to get you all excited. Think of it as gig foreplay. So check back tomorrow for Thursday’s preview, in the meantime you can check out more information on the Norwich Sound and Vision website.

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