Listen: GEMS – “Medusa”

10 Oct

Gems Medusa

We may have only heard a handful of tracks so far from GEMS but already this Washington DC due appear incapable of making music that isn’t drop-dead gorgeous. The pair recently revealed their latest song, “Medusa”, but unlike the mythical being of the same name, exposure will melt your heart rather than turn you to stone.

Lindsay’s vocals are as sweet and breathless as ever, a whispered caress on a smooth gossamer breeze of synths and electronic beats. They are soft rain droplets falling to the bottom of a well, a chasm of beautiful melancholy. As you would expect, it induces a dreamlike state, a feeling of weightlessness as you are lifted gently above the ground, floating on wistful clouds and elegant melodies.

With “Medusa”, GEMS are further cementing their growing reputation as purveyors of exemplary, shimmering dream-pop. Listening to it is like getting into bed on a mild evening when the cool of the covers is so welcoming; you just wrap yourself up into a state of blissful comfort and everything feels right with the world.

”Medusa” is taken from of GEMS’ forthcoming debut EP of the same name which is due for release on 12 November.

Stalk GEMS: Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Website / Facebook / Twitter

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