Free Download: Conveyor – “Pushups”

11 Oct

Conveyor Push Ups

When we last heard from Brooklyn’s Conveyor, the esteemed Mr T.J. Masters was telling us about the songs that had the biggest influence on him as a teenager. On “Pushups”, the first new track we’ve heard from them since last year’s wonderful debut album and b-side to their forthcoming single, “Mammal Food”, he is telling us he’s been told he has ”a more than average penis size”. To be fair, the track is surrounded in so much fuzz and distortion, we could be wrong about that (we’re not) as it is not always easy to make out what the lyrics are.

We shouldn’t be surprised, for a band that loves to play with sound so much it makes sense that they would continue to evolve their music. The quintessential, light Conveyor folky sound is in there still, it’s just almost entirely enveloped by a cacophony of grinding interference.

It’s a bit like when you’d tune in an old black and white telly, turning the dial on the front, flicking and bending a loop antenna as you search for the right channel. Then somehow you manage to pick up two signals at once. The snowy screen giving glimpses of different programs while the pictures flicker and bleed into one another. It’s cathode ray music for the nostalgic, analogue sounds in a digital world, it’s (as you would expect from Conveyor) really good and we love it.

” Mammal Food / Pushups” is released on 10 December via Gold Robot Records (who are having a storming year it must be said) on limited edition (250 copies only) 7” gold vinyl and can be pre-ordered here.

“Pushups” can be downloaded for free for a limited time from the player below.

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