Listen: Fractures – “Cadence” & “Tizer”

16 Oct

Fractures Tizer

A lot has happened to Australian Marc Zito since we first featured him as our ’F’ artist earlier this year, not least the fall and broken neck that forced him to cancel his debut show and put him out of action for three months. There are jokes that can be made about Fractures fracturing his neck, irony and such like, but we’re not that cruel. Let’s just say it’s probably for the best that he doesn’t perform under the name ‘flaming ball of death responsible for the decimation of entire cities’. Fully recovered, Zito is back having used his convalescence to make music and is now gearing up for his debut EP release, slightly later than planned, early next year.

As a prelude he has made two tracks available online, “Cadence” and the b-side, “Tizer”, which we like to think is a love song to the classic fizzy drink, but probably isn’t. No, Fractures’ “Tizer” isn’t red, fizzy and synonymous with 80’s kids parties, but you can tell it when your eyes are shut.

In fact ‘eyes closed’ is a good way to experience all of Zito’s work. Just sit back and listen and let the sounds carry you off on a gentle drift of ambient musicality and melody. As we mentioned back in March, his music contains an emotional resonance and elegant beauty that could soothe your soul.

Dealing with unrequited love and the inability to shut away feelings that only cause you pain, “Cadence” is a sombre greyness, like rain at a funeral or the cold December of a relationship. Feelings have long since withered and all that’s left is the sting of dried emotion on your face as the winter wind chills you from the inside.

“Tizer” too is heavy with sentiment, lonely and private. In little under four minutes it embodies miniature heartbreak through melodic, dreamy electronic sounds. Like a scene in a snow globe, all you can do is watch the isolation, the song shakes up and activity bursts out but its transient beauty is soon replaced once more with loneliness and despair.

No longer broken, we hope that Fractures is able to avoid any further ironic injuries and maintains the very high standards he has already set for himself with these wondrous releases. The world is a more beautiful place for having them.

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One Response to “Listen: Fractures – “Cadence” & “Tizer””

  1. Lara November 13, 2013 at 00:43 #

    Really diggin’ what Fractures is doing!

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