Watch: Summer Camp – “Two Chords”

17 Oct

Summer Camp - Two Chords

When we last checked in with Summer Camp, Elizabeth was regaling us with tales and memories of the tracks of her teens, since then the duo have released their eponymous sophomore album to much critical acclaim and are now visualising the end of the world through TV news. Which, let’s face it, is probably how we will all experience it anyway (not us, we’ll be in our top secret Alphabet Bands bunker eating ice-cream and listening to Now 16 – we really should update the music down there…)

Directed by Chris Boyle, the video for “Two Chords” features Elizabeth and Jeremy in supporting (but crucial) roles as a broken love is re-kindled in the face of Armageddon. It’s true what they say, the imminent destruction of the planet is great for focusing the mind on what is really important in life. Or just having one last moment of pleasure before it all ends… Mind you, the band has said that “Two Chords” is the most personal song on the album so it probably isn’t about the latter.

Like the TV news channels that the video apes, the infinite concentric circles of “Two Chords” is hypnotic. Unlike 99% of TV news, it is also tender and full of heart and emotion, introspection and understanding. It yearns and dreams but accepts the warmth and comfort of reality, no matter what it may look like.

”Two Chords” will be released on 18 November and Summer Camp’s eponymous sophomore album is out now and available to order on a multitude of formats.

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