Listen: Twyaen – “On The Pettibone Tide”

21 Oct


There must be something about Monday’s that draws us to Twyaen (sounds like wine), for it was on a Monday back at the start of August that we became the first to introduce the music of the mysterious pair from the ‘welsh parts of England’. Since then, the imaginatively code-named duo (ThutDragon and Moors Trekkah) have been gently picking up praise and acclaim from a number of different sources all over the place, not just the English parts of England.

The mystery hasn’t abated much in the two months since; aside from the pronunciation of their name we’ve learnt nothing new about them, but neither has the quality of the music. Their latest, “On The Pettibone Tide” feels like a track dipped in summertime like an apple gets dipped in toffee. The guitar sound riffs like an 80’s pop song on a track that Moors Trekkah says was “inspired by the colloquial name for a river that meets the sea, just off the coast near a beach I used to go as a kid. It’s about that first wave that takes you to a new life, away from what you know but want to leave behind”. All of which all sounds quite beautiful and full of hope and warmth, but then he also said “I imagine it’s how you feel as you’re dying, on the way to your next living plane”, and to be fair, that’s not quite as lovely a description.

That’s very Twyaen though, the music is beautiful and emotive and fills you with a sense of peace and wellbeing, yet the essence within it can be cold and uneasy. Here the soft vocals drift on a breeze of synths, joined by dandelion clocks of beats and melodies as they float across a sun filled field of down tempo R’n’B strings and electronics. It’s just the sort of thing you need on a Monday to ease you into the week ahead. Enjoy.

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