Listen: Feral & Stray – “One for Sorrow (Two For Joy)”

28 Oct

Feral and Stray

With The Great Storm of 2013 supposedly whipping all around us (it’s still relatively calm as we write this) and causing carnage across the UK, it’s probably best to stay in, close the curtains, snuggle up warm under a duvet or in front of a fire and let some gentle and beautiful sounds wash over you.

Built around Canadian singer-songwriter Erin Lang, Feral & Stray are a collective of musicians whose line-up is pretty fluid, much like the ebbing tide of their delicate folky dream-pop. Their latest track, “One for Sorrow (Two For Joy)” (which is taken from their forthcoming album, Between You And The Sea) is perfect for a day where tumultuous weather rages outside.

As even Dorothy thinks twice about stepping out to rescue Toto, Lang’s breathy, whispered vocals will provide a much more tranquil soundtrack to your day, though still with a little darkness imbued within, just to match the empyrean beauty of the storm clouds above.

Delicate guitars ring out like tranquil Himalayan chimes before “One For Sorrow…” opens out, expands like the light of a mountain sunrise reaching out across vast valleys, plunging down into whispering chasms of vocals and rising up slopes of percussion, horns and strings. Gradually the day passes and soon sunset is upon us as the track winds down with just the last glimmer of vocal lingering in our mind.

Feral & Stray’s new album, ‘Between You And The Sea’ is released on 1 November and can be pre-ordered here.

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    […] out more on their website, CKUT’s interview, and Alphabet Bands’s superb review. Their second album -with Mark Lawson-, called Between You And The Sea, comes out this November […]

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