Listen: Mononoke – “Alice”

29 Oct


We do like a good mystery here at Alphabet Towers and the latest to vex our little grey cells comes from the enigmatic Mononoke. Depending on who you read, she is either from Liverpool or London (the majority say Liverpool and we’re inclined to agree) and she might have an EP coming out next month, but we’re not entirely sure. We don’t know if she is named after the Myazaki classic, Princess Mononoke, but it would make sense if she was, what with Mononoke meaning spirit in Japanese and her music being just a tad eerie and otherworldly.

What we do know is her debut track, “Alice”, is a single tear of exquisite emotion. Simple and stark, chords alternate with finger clicks as the vocals caress the memories of a life that never was. It’s a beautifully haunting ballad that uses the imagery of Alice In Wonderland as a metaphor for something altogether more heart wrenching.

A lament to a little girl trapped in a grown up world, a life of lost love, a disappointingly mundane existence, apathy and melancholy. A memory faded and a dream not realised. “Now that you’ve grown/and the child is gone/why do you still hold on?” she asks. This wasn’t what life was supposed it be, it was meant to be fantastical, bright and full of adventure, not the monochromatic world we live in, it’s not the paradise it should have been but the child inside longs for it to be so, the hope won’t fade. There may not be a party to go to but she will still dress up, still wish for the magical world of her youth to spring forth once more.

Via Breaking More Waves

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