Listen: Blood Orange – “You’re Not Good Enough”

31 Oct

Blood Orange You're Not Good Enough

Halloween is great for a number of reasons. Obviously the increased sweet eating allowance is one, as is carving the pumpkins and watching scary movies, but Halloween also serves as a great milestone of where we are in the year and more importantly what is left to come. Usually Halloween means that bonfire night is just around the corner and then Christmas will be upon us in next to no time. But this year there is an additional event of great significance between bonfire night and Christmas that the arrival of Halloween means we are ever closer to; the release of the new Blood Orange album on 18 November.

Another marker in the sand for the forthcoming album is the release online of the second single from it, “You’re Not Good Enough”. A crushingly honest appraisal of a previous relationship, the protagonist’s own shortcomings and self-doubt as well as the perceived failings of his lover, all set to trademark Dev Hynes grooves that immediately evoke Prince in his 80’s pomp.

Featuring his current squeeze, Samantha Urbani, on husky soulful backing vocals, the track is lyrical oil poured on funked out water and the result is a spectacular, glorious rainbow. It’s beautiful to behold as the light catches it, but at the end of the day, someone has to clean up the mess or things will only get worse, friendships will suffer, self loathing will increase and people will keep getting hurt.

It is, as ever with Mr. Hynes, a fantastic piece of R&B infused, groovy pop with a killer bass line, disco-funk riffs and a sweet keyboard solo. “You’re Not Good Enough” is full of such beautiful, danceable gloom; a poisoning of the purity of love with the reality of life to create a wonderfully translucent heartache.

’Cupid Deluxe’ is due for release on 18 November and can be pre-ordered here.

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