Free Download: Lo Fine – “All We Need Is Hell”

1 Nov

Lo Fine

Sounding at first like a gentle alt-american lullaby, Lo Fine’s “All We Need Is Hell” is wonderfully autumnal. Deep oranges, browns, yellows and gold twist and flutter as the guitars scuff along like a pile of leaves meeting the gleeful wellies of numerous small children.

Reminiscent of early Eels, this is less novocaine for the soul, more an opiate such is its addictive and warming quality. We may all be off to the land of the damned but with a loving strum of the guitar, this is a rainbow ride along the river Styx. A dreamy and confident way to burst into the underworld, but with enough edge within to casually flip Hades the bird as it passes through. There is a light psychedelic quality to it, perhaps then it should have been Psilocybin mushrooms for the soul, as the beats layer guitars which layer vocals like a hypnotic lava lamp filled with real lava.

Fronted by Kevin O’Rourke, the Massachusettian band have made “All We Need Is Hell” (the first release from, and indeed first track on, the band’s forthcoming album, Want Is a Great Need) free to download via the Soundcloud player below for a limited time.

’Want Is a Great Need’ is due for release on 5 November and can be pre-ordered here.

Via Gold Flake Paint

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