Listen: Pale – “Rundown”

2 Nov

Pale Rundown

We’re not exactly sure how or when we first heard London duo Pale, but we do know that their debut release on 37 Adventures , “Too Much”, found its way to our turntable (for numerous spins) and theirs is one of many Soundcloud profiles we follow.

To be honest, the how the who and the when are incidental (but they make for a nice introduction), it’s the quality of the tracks that are important and what keeps bringing us back for more. Pale have quality tunes.

There’s a bleakness to their minimalist electronic arrangements, a worn quality to them, especially in their aptly titled latest, “Rundown”. There’s a stark emptiness here, like a disused industrial estate, full of vast and empty warehouses, dilapidated and fallen into disrepair. Derelict and deserted save for the odd piece of broken office furniture and the occasional rodent. It feels close like a solo stroll through Khazad Dum. All around you is vast emptiness but the dark is all encompassing and claustrophobic as the shadows of precision electronic beats and emotive, lonely vocals echo and breathe all around.

No, we’re not sure how we came to hear Pale for the first time, but we’re glad we did.

Stalk Pale: Facebook / Twitter


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