We’re up all night to get blogging…

5 Nov


Alphabet Bands has been going for a little over two years now and in that time we’ve been lucky enough to make some great friends in and around the music industry, been given countless albums and singles for free and even the odd concert ticket and piece of merchandise. It’s opened doors that have led to radio appearances, gig promotion and even judging talent competitions. In short, it’s given us a lot, and now it’s time to give something back. To use it for someone else’s gain other than ours and the bands we have profiled.

When Breaking More Waves’ head honcho Robin Seamer mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he was going to do a 24 Hour Blogathon for charity, we were instantly struck by the simple genius of the idea and we knew it was something we wanted to be a part of.

Robin, being the amiable sort of chap he is, was more than happy for us to take part (if nothing else it means we’ll have someone else to tweet at and talk to at 4am) and help raise more money for the charity we both chose, Cancer Research.

So, on 31 January 2014, we too will be blogging non-stop for 24 hours straight (except when nature calls of course, but we think that’s only fair) and we would very much like it if some of you could sponsor us, even if it’s just £1. In this case, every little really does help.

Cancer is an illness that effects so many of us and can destroy the lives of more than just those unlucky enough to contract it. It’s affected our friends and family and it has possibly affected yours in some way, shape or form as well.

Whether you are a friend, family member, colleague, reader of the site, band we have (or have not yet) supported, member of the music industry or just a kind hearted soul, please donate as much as you feel you can to support Cancer research and help find a way to beat this illness once and for all.

There’s a song at the end for you to enjoy and be inspired by when debating sponsorship 🙂

Thank you.

Adam H.

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