Listen: Avec Sans – “Shiver”

6 Nov

Avec Sans Shiver

Crazy tempting as it is to fall back on lazy journalistic clichés that play on the title of Avec Sans‘ latest track, “Shiver”, just as the temperature has plummeted and Alphabet Towers is encased in a Mr Freeze style ice-block, we are not going to succumb. Besides, our hands are too freaking cold to go look for chilly synonyms. No, instead we are going to use different clichés to describe it, like ‘glittery’, ‘shimmers’ and ‘fucking fantastic’.

The London based duo with roots in Manchester and Trinidad, are getting set for a big 2014 (we hope) by releasing this dazzlingly sparklesome diamond. With an opening that could almost, almost, be Christmassy in nature, it bursts out like a fairytale, magical and uplifting. It shimmers (yes, we know) with glittery (told you) pizazz, and beauty.

Alice’s vocals gently float above, flying over the fantastical world like a Miyazaki heroine in the arms of some amazing creature. The magnificence and scale of this miraculous landscape stretching out below, shapes of synths and crystal beats for as far as the eye can see. It caresses the sky, gliding effortlessly across the horizon full of joy and enchantment.

In short, it’s fucking fantastic.

”Shiver” is available as a free download for a limited time via their Facebook page. It will then have a formal release via Little World recordings on 2 December.

Stalk Avec Sans: Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp

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