Watch: We The Wild – “Body Electric (Blue)”

8 Nov

We The Wild

YouTube comments are not renowned for their intellect or for coherent thought or common sense, nor spelling when you come to think of it. Instead they are seen as a hive of lowest common denominator idiocy, gibberish and abuse. In short, they often appear to have been written by people who drank bleach as children. Sometimes though, a comment slips through the net of gormlessness and hits the nail on the head, like the comment below the recent We The Wild video that simply says, ”I’m afraid I blue myself”.

In fact, Arrested Development aficionados may be sad to learn Tobias Fünke is probably the only blue thing in the world, fictional or otherwise, that doesn’t make a fleeting appearance in the video for “Body Electric (Blue)”.

As Ant West and Casey Roarty stand beneath, between and betwixt falling plastic blue balls, cascading blue paint and exploding blue chalk dust, images flicker and flash by of a legion of blue people, places, objects and comedy make up (England’s Brave John Terry anyone?), their track gently pulses into prominence.

A simple, stripped back piano opening is like eavesdropping on hushed conversation in a smoky after hours speakeasy. That sense of privacy, of secrecy doesn’t abate as the track builds with echoes of unrequited love and an unnoticed pain. The beats and string sounds add passion and an urgency but within, the piano retains its grace like a ballet dancer rehearsing alone after hours, still wishing she’d been given the solo.

Then a load of blue shit falls on her from the ceiling.

Or something like that.

Joking aside, it’s a great track and a fun video. Take a look below and see how many different blue things you can identify.

”Body Electric” features on the forthcoming ‘Volume 1’ EP which is due for release on 11 November and can be pre-ordered here.

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