Listen: Paper Crows – “Anomaly”

14 Nov

Paper Crows Anomaly

We do like a bit of drama in our music from time to time and with their love of darkness and grand gothic sound sculptures, there are few around who do it better than Paper Crows and their latest offering, “Anomaly” is no exception.

Dark and brooding like a cellar dwelling villain just waiting to reap his revenge on the world above, “Anomaly” is a cinematic swirl of strings and urgency. As the track builds you can feel the tension rising, the camera closing in on our monster as flashes of the city cut in and out, time-lapse cars, people drinking and laughing blissfully unaware of the danger that is fermenting below their feet. The clouds roll across the bright moon as the moment nears, the smile of evil growing ever more sinister. It’s terrifically violent and beautiful with drums crashing down on strings like retribution on an unsuspecting populace as fury and destruction abounds. The monster has risen, the damage is done and all that is left is fire, desolation and hope.

‘Anomaly’ will be released on the 12 January on IDST Records.

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