Watch: Heart of a Dog – “HOSS”

18 Nov

Heart of a Dog - HOSS

The second of our new videos that perfectly complement the music today (the first was Box of Light’s “Falling”) comes from folky twosome, Heart of a Dog (though there is often more than two of them as they have an interchangeable line-up of guest musicians, always eager to help out).

Produced by Iain Lowery, their latest track, “HOSS”, which features Port Isla’s Will Bloomfield on piano (we did say there was often more than two of them) is a gentle meld of backwards guitars (no hidden messages contained within as far as we can tell) looped into a soft melody and a subtle rhythms. It’s delicate and understated with beautiful calm waves of guitar lapping against a percussion shore, filling the sunken footprints of vocals before receding and washing them away like an aural barefoot walk in the sand.

To accompany such a tender song, First Kiss Films have created a charming little animation with Jonah-ristic leanings, shooting stars looping across a frayed night sky and waves lapping against a lighthouse. Simple, elegant and delightful, it’s another example of song and visuals bobbing gently together on the tide.

”HOSS” is out now and available as a free download from the Heart of a Dog bandcamp page.

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