Listen: Sirena – “Don’t Fear The Water”

19 Nov


While it can’t be true that all pop music from Sweden is fantastic, law of averages and all that, with each passing release we hear, it’s becoming a more and more difficult theory to prove. It’s almost as if the quality of pop is so high, people don’t even notice it anymore. Take this latest track from Sirena for example, it’s really really good yet has, thus far, made little dent in the blog hive mind. Hopefully that will change soon enough as quality pop is always deserving of attention and “Don’t Fear The Water” is overflowing with quality.

Never one to miss the opportunity to make a tenuous connection for the purposes of a hyperbolic analogy, we would like to note the closeness of ‘Sirena’ to ‘Siren’. So close in fact that in the Philippine mythology, Sirens are actually called Sirena and they too have beautiful and enchanting voices that can attract and hypnotize listeners. So, not all that dissimilar to the Barcelona born Swede at all.

In fact, and this is where the shoe-horning of that fact really starts to pay off, the soft beckon of the salt spray vocal lapping over jagged drums and beats is mesmeric.. We sail transfixed on waves of chorus which bob us along into the misty echoes of a siren’s (or Sirena) call. “Dive in/Dive in” she beckons, but we are already there plunging deeper into the murky waters of pure pop delights. We don’t fear the water, we are embracing it, letting it sweep us away to an underworld bedecked with bright hooks and a sing-along chorus that fills our lungs.

The Sirena has called out to us and we are hers.

”Don’t Fear The Water” is out now and available to buy here.

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