Listen: Tempers – “What Isn’t There”

21 Nov


Earlier this week, Monday to be precise, we were sat in the office working hard when we decided to have a (very rare) tea break. During which time Twitter was checked and we noticed that those clever people over at This Is Fake DIY were getting quite flustered over a new track by Tempers. Then, when we checked our email (very quickly for our tea breaks are not only rare but extremely short) we noticed said Tempers track in our inbox. Making sure the work wifi (which is exemplary in its quality and consistency of service) was connected; we clicked through to Soundcloud, bunged in the earphones and settled back down to work. We’ve barely stopped listening to “What Isn’t There” since.

Hailing from pretty much every nook and cranny of the globe (Jasmine Golestaneh was born in Florida, is of Latvian-Iranian descent, and grew up in Paris and London before moving to New York while Eddie Cooper is from the Big Apple but also spent years recording music in Berlin) their sound is almost otherworldly. Like the openness of space, the vast expanse laid before an astronaut’s eyes as he prepares to step beyond the airlock. “What Isn’t There” is desperate and emotional, the vocal is a star going supernova, a vibrant and bewitching mass of colour amongst the sprawling universe of electronic pop.

Take a listen below and prepare to drift off amongst the stars then come back down to earth and catch Tempers playing live in the UK this week (details below).

Tempers live dates:
22 November – The Exchange, Bristol, w/ Wolf Eyes & ERAAS
23 November – Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
24 November – The Old Blue Last, London

Stalk Tempers: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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