Listen: The Mule Affair – “Everything You Said”

21 Nov

The Mule Affair

Usually when a husband and wife start telling us about all the sweet music they make together, we scrunch our face up like a disgusted teenager, stick our fingers in our ears, yell ‘too much information’ and tell them to get a room. Mercifully our parents tend to keep it to themselves now and thankfully, when Catherine Lane got in touch with us recently to talk about the music she and husband Anthony make as The Mule Affair, she actually meant music.

It’s fantastic music as well; and tricksy too. Debut track “Everything You Said” sounds like a love song, sounds like it should be a love song but isn’t, not really. Not if you look beyond the sweetness, beyond the apparent warm and happy sentiment and let a little chink of darkness in. Leave the door ajar and let the night in for a moment and listen as it creeps out across the song. Just imagine if you got MS MR to write for London Grammar and you’re getting there as a simple and soft piano line is given an ominous edge with just a hint of a lower chord.

Then the beat starts, slow and considered as Catherine’s vocal floats on the night sky like a falling mist, the moonlight breaking through in patches like streetlights as she takes a barefoot walk through the dark woods. Nocturnal predators look on, their eyes shining; crimson on her white dress is a sign of brotherhood, of understanding, of recognition of a common sensibility and they let her be. Calmly she walks away, leaving a distant home, a pristine room, immaculate except for the wilting flowers, discarded and alone except for the pool of red, slowly sliding down from the bed and out across the otherwise obsessively clean marble floor. A deep, rich colour that contrasts the coldness of the room; stark and cruel. An arm hangs limp from atop the bed, the colour slowly draining til it too becomes grey and insipid.

Yes, “Everything You Said” sounds like it should be a love song, and it is beautiful and enchanting, but love hurts and this song is a killer.

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2 Responses to “Listen: The Mule Affair – “Everything You Said””

  1. Paul Fiddian November 25, 2013 at 16:10 #

    Woah…heavy and brooding. I like it very much! Looking forward to future releases. 🙂


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    […] Wow. What an amazing review of us and our song ‘Everything You Said’ A HUGE thank you to Alphabet Bands for featuring us and for the beautiful words you wrote. Post and our song here: […]

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