Review: Wooden Arms – Wooden Arms EP

22 Nov

Wooden Arms

Certain types of music just feel right at a certain time of year. Bright brash colours and upbeat melodies full of urgency and rhythm suit the summer months, while slower more considered sounds tend to fit the colder, autumnal and winter months. The debut EP from Norwich based Wooden Arms falls very much into the latter category which is possibly why, having been released in July, it now feels like a perfect listen on these darkened, ice-laden evenings.

Full of gentle, ebbing melodies that drift and glide like birds on a breeze; this eponymous release is often balletic in feel. Ambient sounds; be they deep cello or light violin, music box light or portentous dark piano, ripple and flow like a mountain stream. “Chariclia” in particular is an evocative and fantastical tune. Like crawling through a tiny gap in a bramble laden hedgerow to discover a hidden and wondrous world beyond. A world that opens out and up, where trees reach beyond the sky to the stars above and snowfall drifts down slowly to enchanting woodland floor.

In fact, snowfall would be an appropriate visual accompaniment to all of the Wooden Arms EP, it’s that serene and enchanting. The violin opening of “Noah” is that moment as daybreaks over a silent an undisturbed winter morning, snow covered fields lay dormant, immaculate and beautiful. “Hollow” could be a walk through a Christmas market, ruddy cheeked and full of mulled wine and mince pies, cold outside but warm and contented within.

Elsewhere, “False Start” has a more reflective feel to it; like a wizened old man rocking gently in a chair on his porch looking out at the vast expanse of countryside before him. The sun is dropping beyond the horizon and the sky is turning orange and pink, the world is his but he sees only the past, memories and regrets floating on the breeze of reminiscence.

Yes, some music suits certain times of year better than others, and as winter is coming, Wooden Arms may prove to be the perfect soundtrack to those long dark nights.

The ‘Wooden Arms EP’ is out now and available to buy digitally or on limited edition hand-printed CD.

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