Review: BON BON – She Don’t Want To Know EP

26 Nov

Bon Bon EP

Last time we heard from BON-BON, she was metaphorically kicking Superman in the Superballs on behalf of anyone who ever felt short-changed by a significant other. It was a crazily infectious tune that not only appealed to our inner (and not so inner) geek for all the comic book references but also to our ‘likes to sing along with cracking tunes while having a surreptitious little boogie while no-one is looking’ side. Now she’s back with her debut EP, She Don’t Want To Know, and while the geeky references haven’t been added to, there’s a lot to sing along with and do a secret shuffle to.

The five track collection, which includes the aforementioned Superman basher “Lois Lane”, has been largely inspired by the people around BON-BON’s Sian King, their lives and experiences but ramped up to 11 and turned into a proper narrative story; stories that sound fantastic. And while they are mostly fictionalised and sensationalised versions of life, there is an honesty within, a compulsive and infectious honesty.

The title track in particular is a brilliantly catchy tune that will get its hooks in from the first second. We’ve never had cause to imagine what it would be like to be a fish swimming along looking for food when all of a sudden there is a bit of metal in our gob which we can’t escape, until now. We can’t escape “She Don’t Want To Know”, or “Lois Lane” for that matter, both of which are embedded in our figurative pie-hole and have got us good and proper.

It is fast paced and full of life with the only slower element coming in the guise of bonus track and EP closer, “Be Alright”. Written before a major break-up, it is a delicate reassurance, a musical stoicism in the face of forthcoming anguish, a gentle and gradual building up of confidence and determination to break free of shackles and to find happiness once again. Never is it bombastic or overblown, it errs the right side of subtle and calm to deliver its message in a more coherent and compelling manner.

There is, on the whole EP, an old school pop vibe going on and a wealth of other sounds within as well. Part prog, part indie, part surfer pop, part bluesy goodness, alt-pop, soul, almost everything you can think of (except perhaps throat singing and dubstep). It’s full of attitude, confidence, self-doubt and belief, emotional conflict, love and hope, all presented in a blur of vibrant colours, melodies and rhythms that will keep you coming back for more and singing along for ages.

The ‘She Don’t Want To Know’ EP is out now and can be bought here and the BON-BON EP launch show is at The Islington, London on 12 December.

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