2014 Preview: Listen Out For #13 – Port Isla

28 Nov

Port Isla

Norwich based Port Isla are one of those bands that outwardly looked to have a fairly quiet year, but actually achieved quite a bit and were working hard to get set up for 2014.

After starting 2013 with the summer sunshine and energy of “Adventurers” (which, incidentally, we said would sound great played at festivals, just call us Nostradamus), the band went on to have a cracking summer themselves. Blog and critical support was already on the rise when they stormed to the final of the 2013 Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition thereby raising their profile still further. They may not have won, but so impressed were the judges by their fantastic folk-pop sounds, that they were booked to play The Acoustic Field anyway.

Time has been spent in the studio and with any luck there will be an EP (at least) released next year as a result. As well as being super talented (especially frontman Will, whose remixes are pretty fantastic as well), they are the kind of lovely people that you want to do well. They make such enthusiastic and warm music that you can’t help but like them, and with a little luck (they already have the talent and dedication – it’s what you need after all) they will be charming a lot of people next year.

Stalk Port Isla: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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