2014 Preview: Listen Out For #11 – Fractures

29 Nov


There’s a popular old saying that Dogs look like their owners but as far as we are aware there is no such saying that suggests musicians resemble or act out their band names. Australian Marc Zito must have thought therefore that he was pretty safe in choosing Fractures as his performing name, only to go and break his neck (members of Half Man Half Biscuit are said to be extremely concerned at this development). Thankfully, after three months out he made a full recovery and his debut show, that was cancelled due to his injury, has at last taken place.

The accident had no detrimental effect on his musical output either and the gorgeous dreamy electro sounds of “Twisted”, complete with soft, soulful falsetto vocals that would stop a rhino’s heart, and the evocative crescendos of atmospheric folksiness on “Embers” were soon joined by the fabulous “Cadence” and “Tizer”.

Unsurprisingly, love, appreciation and critical acclaim flooded his way as listeners fell for the emotional resonance and elegant beauty that could soothe your soul within his music. His sounds are patient, controlled but not rigid; they melt and float into one another blending light and dark, retro and futuristic, indie and electro to a dazzling degree.

Barring any further accidents, we expect Fractures to continue his rapid rise and make an even greater, gorgeous, mark on 2014.

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