Free Download: Sivu & Marika Hackman – “I Hold”

30 Nov

Sivu - Marika

We’ve posted about Sivu once or twice this year (and will no doubt be posting about him a couple more times before December is done as well), so our admiration and enjoyment of his music should come as no surprise to regular readers. What is probably less known is how much we love the music of Marika Hackman. We have, for no good reason at all, never got round to blogging about her before but ever since we heard her That Iron Taste EP (which, incidentally, spent a lot of time being played in our car stereo over the summer) we’ve been completely enamoured.

Since the pair announced they would be embarking on a join mini-tour of the UK in December we’ve been trying to work out the logistics of a jaunt to Cambridge in the middle of a full on work party/kids nativity/Norwich gigfest week (we’re gonna try and make it). The idea of them both playing the same evening was pretty enticing but then they went and announced a shared tape release, with each writing a song for the other to feature on, which they will give away free at each gig and should lead to live duets each night (we hope).

The first of the two AA tracks to find its way online (and as a free download – which you can get from the player below) is the Sivu penned “I Hold”.

It’s been described as a bit of a departure in style for both artists but to our untrained ear it sounds like a perfect meeting in the middle of their two styles. It’s delicate and mechanical; the carefully methodical guitar plucks rise before the vocal like winding up a steadfast clockwork tin solider. Whirring gently as he tries to woo the beautifully unattainable ballerina; Hackman’s softly melancholic vocal twirls gently, dancing together with Sivu’s, but just out of reach. Then the clockwork slows and winds down, ceasing as the track slowly dies, waiting, hoping to be wound once more so they can dance together again.

It’s a delightful collaboration and one that makes us even more excited for their tour (dates below) and the forthcoming, Marika Hackman written, “Skin”.

Sivu and Marika Hackman on tour:

10 December – Brighton, The Hope
11 December – London, The Lexington
12 December – Cambridge, Portland Arms
13 December – Manchester, Gullivers
14 December – Bristol, The Birdcage

Stalk Sivu: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Stalk Marika Hackman: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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