Watch: Leon Else – “Protocol”

30 Nov

Leon Else Protocol

When first we met Leon Else, he took us on a journey to the fantastical, desolate and ruined monochrome world of “Tomorrow Land (All Fall Down)”. Listening to it was, we said, like looking at the world through broken glasses, and in his latest track, the altogether more earthy and realistic “Protocol”, it is relationships that are viewed through cracked and broken eyes.

The song may be deep like his rich vocal, sultry and full of soulful sounding emotion that boys of a certain age might like to put on compilation mixes marked ‘business time’, but this is an anti love song. Check your emotions at the door, “leave your heart outside” because this is about one thing and one thing only and it sure as hell ain’t the kind of thing Richard Curtis writes about. Except, of course love gets in the way, try as you might you can’t fight what your heart wants and as you can see in the video below, that can sometimes lead to problems.

The video is misted, smoky and thickened with emotion. Like the track which is like driving on a road of passion and longing while a thick fog of love and commitment falls firmly over it. Light fails to penetrate the purée of anger and disappointment and hurt flying at the windscreen like unseen but keenly felt missiles.

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