Listen: Spring Offensive – “The River”

2 Dec

Spring Offensive - The River

Typical isn’t it? Just days after noting that Spring Offensive have had a reasonably quiet 2013 (in our 2013 previews round-up), the Oxfordshire five-piece released a brand new track to the internet. We’d call them a bunch of bastards but as always the tune is just fantastic so we feel inclined to forgive them.

They excel at gently building drama and emotion throughout their songs through the use of harmonies, layered and quickened sounds and stirring, tension fuelled lyrics; ”If you want to find your lover / I suggest you slide into the river / like the rat that you are” goes the chorus, not without menace.

They are also a little bit obsessed with water it would appear, as “The River” follows our 2012 Track of the Year, “Not Drowning But Waving”. It’s entirely appropriate though, you can feel the weight of emotion in the vocal like swimming against the current, its heavy and dangerous pulling you into the murky depths of despair under the water. It feels tough too. Physically tough, the aural equivalent of a quiet show of unified strength, of people silently standing in unison behind the one man hitherto prepared to stand up against injustice.

It’s like a movement, but then so are Spring Offensive and once you join there’s no leaving. Not in a Hotel California kind of way, you actually won’t want to.

”The River” will feature on debut Spring Offensive album, ‘Young Animal Hearts’, which was fully funded within 10 days of a very impressive Pledge Music campaign, but don’t let that stop you pledging anyway.

Stalk Spring Offensive: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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