2014 Preview: Listen Out For #8 – Pale

3 Dec


Since dropping their debut single, the superbly understated minimalist “Too Much”, at the end of 2012, London duo Pale have been steadily building their profile and gaining a reputation for consistently producing fantastic music.

Latest track, “Rundown”, is a perfect example of their sparse yet intricate sound. Subtle electronic R&B beats and light 80’s pop sensibilities (as on the wonderful “Fearing Faces”) are set against a backdrop of vast arctic wastelands. Snowy deserts and wide empty spaces are complemented with monochrome melodies and composed hooks like those found on “Two Wrongs”.

It’s synth pop but ice cold, too cold even for Van Damme as it slides along stealthily like a glacier, taking you in its cool hand off to a world of desolate beauty. A world where the stark surroundings, the bleakness and desolation carry a majestic splendour, it’s not a world of disrepair but one that has been lovingly tended and cultured. A world where the music lingers like dry ice, rolling gently across the floor and sweeping you up before you even realise its near you.

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