2013 Albums of the Year #8: Caveman – Caveman

17 Dec


Caveman are one of those bands that we just adore and their debut album, Coco Beware, made it to number 9 on our 2011 albums of the year list. This year they have gone one better with the eponymous follow-up as Caveman is Number eight on our list of favourite albums of 2013. We also managed to see them play live this year which was a fantastic experience as another dimension, of energy and shuddering vibrations of noise and melody was added to their dreamy sound.

Like a sprawling desert, Caveman is broad and spread out as far as the eye can see. Blissfully dreamy guitars wash away the world on lullabies of shimmering heat haze reverb, while the vocals of Matthew Iwanusa float wistfully through your mind and off to the distant horizon.

Iwanusa’s vocals are regret and doubt, they are relationships and self awareness, but they are also wonder and awe, hope and dreams. The almost intangibly hazy guitars take in the bagginess of Manchester, particularly on “Pricey”, as well as washing dream-like around on “Over My Head” and “The Big Push”. First single “In The City” is perhaps the closest track to those found on CoCo Beware, its relatively upbeat and slightly quicker pace resembling the fuzzy-pop of their debut album. Their music has evolved since then. It’s shoegaze, it’s fuzzy guitars and retro synths, it’s brush soft percussion and hauntingly soft melodies and vocals and an album of near impeccable dreaminess.

Listening to Caveman is like putting on a favourite pair of shoes, they have a slightly worn feel to them and they may be scuffed a little around the edges but they fit the contours of your feet perfectly and oh how comfortable they feel.

’Caveman’ is out via Fat Possum Records and can be ordered here.

Stalk Caveman: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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