2013 Albums of the Year #2: Chvrches – The Bones Of What You Believe

20 Dec


As we near the end of our countdown of our favourite albums of 2013, we reach number two and an album that has probably had more consecutive plays in our car than any other. Our love of synth-pop is well documented and Chvrches are quite probably the best exponents of the genre around at the moment.

Eight of our Top 10 albums of the year have been debuts and The Bones Of What You Believe is perhaps the most accomplished of the lot. Chvrches make music to dance to, to sing along to and to enjoy on both a superficial and deeper level. It has mainstream appeal, of course it does it’s pop music, but it has enough of an edge to keep those of a more discerning sensibility interested and excited. Lyrically it is dark and at times raw, like Prince (who the band love and draw inspiration from) in his pomp, The Bones Of What You Believe can sing to you about fairly brutal subject matters without you even noticing as you groove along to the laser guided electonica and crashing digital beats.

Chvrches are exciting. Martin Doherty and Iain Cook wield sonic weapons like a pair of skittish electro-ninjas; flipping, kicking and letting loose shurikens of rapid beats and synth lines with deadly precision while Lauren Mayberry’s sweet emotive vocals rise up above them as if summoned by some mystical enchantress.

Picking a favourite song from the album is impossible, we had a crack at it for our Tracks of the Year post but even then we said it was like trying to choose which superpower you’d have. They are all superb and immensely enjoyable. And that’s the key thing about The Bones Of What You Believe, it’s probably not the ‘best’ (whatever that means) album of the year, but is the most fun, the most energetic and entertaining on a full on, turn it up and blast it out level.

They take you on a journey of kaleidoscopic colour and shapes cascading into one another. Listening to The Bones Of What You Believe is a bit like taking a souped up dragster on a joyride through Katy Perry’s candyland universe, slowing down only to take out the gummi bears and nauseating niceness of it all in a series of ruthless drive-by’s. Deadly synths are fired from the side of the car as we race past delirious and euphoric, leaving the carnage behind in a soundtrack of killer pop music that is as equally moving as it is energetic and fun.

Chvrches have delivered an album that is, as they say, all killer and no filler, which is why it’s right up there almost at the very peak of our list, only something truly special could have beaten Chrvches to the top spot this year and in reality, they were a whisker away from taking the crown

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