Listen: IYES – “Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover)”

23 Dec

Iyes - Crazy In Love

Now that our end of year list-o-mania is done, (2014 Previews, Tracks, EPs and Albums of the Year – should you be interested) it’s time for us to get back to regular-ish blogging. As well as a few festive favourites, we’ll take a look over the next week or so at some tracks and videos etc that we didn’t get round to posting whilst listing up a storm or for whatever reason in recent weeks. First up is a little something from one of our new favourite bands and a tip for next year.

Just recently, Friday the 13th proved unlucky for anyone who had planned to release or promote anything and for end of year list makers the world over. That morning, with no prior announcement or even inkling that something was afoot, Beyoncé dropped a brand new album and collection of accompanying videos on iTunes. It was all anyone was talking about as people rushed to buy, listen and offer an opinion in double-quick time.

Lost amongst this melee though was another Beyoncé related release and one that excited us even more than the prospect of a new Queen Bey album. Brighton’s IYES had covered her debut solo hit, “Crazy In Love”, posted it online and, and this is the most important part, it was excellent.

Suitably muted and laid back, it put us in mind of the Barefoot cover of “Born Slippy” from a few years back which completely turned the bombasticity of the original on its head. This does the same. The in-your-face energy and vibrancy of Beyoncé has been replaced by Melis’ glacial vocal and a 3am in the back room of a club, low lighting, low ceilings and bean bags kind of vibe. It is chilled out and gorgeous. The piano intro melts a doorway into the vast wall of ice that itself reveals a cool world of languid beats and glistening droplets of electronica, dripping gently into a pool of hushed melody. It’s a wonderfully different cover of a classic pop song and we, like so many others, love it.

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