Listen: Aluvian – “Repetition”

28 Dec


According to Facebook, which we all know is now the keeper of important knowledge and our one true source of information and/or opinion (as well as cat/baby pictures and shared posts from Gerorge Takei) Aluvian has existed for eight days. Because Facebook page creation dates equal band existence dates right? Surely? Of course not, and it would be churlish to suggest otherwise, especially as producer/composer Dave Coates, aka Aluvian, has been hard at work over the last 6 months creating and finessing a collection of tunes, the first of which is ready for you to hear below.

Featuring the rather lovely vocals of Bryony (no last name required) “Repetition” is another of those laidback, late night electro jams that we love so much. The delicate beats and electronic melodies are like a pristine frost lain out across a sleeping village. Crisp and beautiful, the whitened landscape stretches out before your eyes as the dawn light of vocal begins the thaw and the crystals of ice glisten and melt into a soothing ripple of water.

It’s a far cry from the climate of the now London based Coates’ hometown of Sydney but the sound he describes as being “some sort of electronic, chilled, soul, off-beat business” (which it is) is beautifully brittle and intricate. “I’m a fan of repetition” sings Bryony (over and over, naturally) and so are we.

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