Watch: Foxes – “Let Go For Tonight”

6 Jan


As 2014 starts to get going, and as people start to return to work properly after a break over Christmas, thoughts are turning to what the year has in store in music. We, like many others, have talked about artists we are looking forward to hearing more from in the next 12 months already, and one act we didn’t mention but really should have is Foxes.

That’s not because we don’t think she’ll have a big year, quite the opposite in fact. In our defence, the main reason we didn’t include the alter ego of Louisa Rose Allen was simply because she already feels to us like a full-on, proper and established pop star. We managed to catch her set at Norwich Sound & Vision and she was absolutely fabulous. It was the performance of a supremely confident and talented young lady who we don’t doubt should become massive. Her songs are steeped in melancholy but sound anything but, spiralling ever up-wards like a crazy reverse helter skelter, reaching higher and higher to the brightness above, leaving the darkness behind.

Her latest video, for “Let Go For Tonight”, is a perfect example. Pale, chalky looking foodstuffs sit untouched before a room of people, all silent and all looking straight ahead. Then the inevitable happens and the food begins to fly. As it is flung across the room, colour explodes everywhere which makes us quite glad no-one ever got the chance to eat it, the amount of artificial colourings and e-numbers in it must have been ridiculous. Anyway, it, like her music, is vibrant and full of fun. We’ve never been in a food fight and until now, we’ve never really been tempted. Though if we did get into one, we’d make sure we weren’t wearing those old plastic Kanye glasses. They may make you look cool, but they won’t do a thing to protect you when paint filled paper cups start coming your way. Lesson learned right there.

The song is, as you would expect from Foxes, more than a little catchy and somewhat euphoric. There is a big jump up and down chorus and that kind of desire to keep playing it that makes the repeat button get worn out pretty quickly. On a Monday morning, you can’t really ask for much more to get you going and put a spring in your step. Just watch out for flying food and cups of paint as you go.

”Let Go For Tonight” is out on 23 February and can be pre-ordered here. Foxes debut album, ‘Glorious’, is out on 3 March and can be pre-ordered here.

Stalk Foxes: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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