Listen: Liza Anne – “The Colder Months”

9 Jan

Liza Anne

Back when we were at university, we tended to fill our days with talking bobbins, hanging about, making questionable decisions, drinking and playing Frisbee (often, the last two would be at the same time). Thankfully the youth of today (God that makes us sound/feel old) are not engaged in similar activities and are using their time productively. For example, Tears & Marble produced that stunning Haddaway cover as part of a college project, and now 19 year old Liza Anne has blown us away with a tune she made with assistance from current or former students at her place of education, Belmont University.

The song, “The Colder Months” – which also happens to be the title track of her debut album, is a mellifluous folk ballad, a wind whispering through a forest of trees, stripped bare by the cold but still strikingly beautiful, and beyond to a snow laden graveyard perhaps, solemn, peaceful and enchanting. Crisp white layers sit unsullied upon statues, tombs and trees. This majestic scene, like her voice, is hauntingly serene and full of heartbreak. The juxtaposition of unbearable grief and overwhelming beauty; a exquisitely crafted musical imagining of the unpredictable and tumultuousness nature of love and loss, of the confusion and conflict within the heart.

Reminiscent of Daughter, Brooke Annibale and Milly Hirst, it builds gently, a greyed sky of emotion drifting overhead before bursting open into moments of glorious melodious snowfall, sounds cascading down together, covering you in an evocative and heart melting arrangement.

In short, it is staggeringly beautiful.

Liza Anne’s debut album, ‘The Colder Months’, is due for release on 4 February.

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