Listen: Racing Glaciers – “New Country”

9 Jan

Racing Glaciers

With a crashing of drums and a tickling of keys, Liverpool five-piece Racing Glaciers open up their new track on a grand, impressive scale. There isn’t any gradual easing in; we are straight in to a moment of pure drama and intensity. It is the kind of rousing, inspiring sound that Sky Sports would kill for to use on a myriad of impassioned and adrenaline pumping promos for Soccer Saturday, Super Sunday and Holy Shit It’s Immense Wednesday.

“New Country” is, according to singer Tim Monaghan, a tale of escape, presumably of the metaphysical nature but as the guitar wails and the drama escalates under the chorus, there is something very real and raw to it. The rousing opening, all puffed up chests and jump cut close-ups of embittered warriors as it is (that’s a good thing by the way, just to be clear, we like drama and evocative, stirring instrumentals), bleeds into a vibrant and energetic three minutes of indie-pop-rock. Three minutes that are full of rises and falls, like the hardships of the aforementioned warriors that first overwhelm before being overcome.

It is the first big anthemic sound of the year and one that, by rights, should still be blasting out across fields come festival time this summer.

Racing Glaciers’ ‘Ahead of you Forever’ EP is due out on 2 February and can be pre-ordered here.

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