Free Download: Bloum – “Faith”

10 Jan


We loved sci-fi as a kid, still do truth be told, and growing up in the 80s finding some crazed or neon vision of the future and all the technological wonders that would await us wasn’t difficult. Why most of the world’s computers and most advanced kit would all be BBC Micros still baffles us, but they were and that green dot matrix style screen was the height of technology. But that is irrelevant. These visions would jump from the dark and dystopian to the crisp, clean utopia and everything in between. We loved them all, even Automan which was, frankly, awful.

The one thing all these programs and worlds had in common though, was a suitably futuristic and electronic soundtrack. Which is where Bloum come in. A collection of French musicians and graphic and visual artists, they make the kind of retro-futuristic synth laden sounds that would perfectly suit those 80s visions of the future.

Their latest track, “Faith”, is full of smoky electronica, digital embellishments and colourisations that evoke exploration and innovation in an otherwise regimented world of cool, sterile beats. All of which is enhanced with robotic synths, imbued with a sense of threat, like the system fighting back to preserve itself from these renegades who dare to think for themselves and uncover the true nature of this world. More Tron than Skynet, the song builds with said sense of danger and excitement but in a gentle, smooth way. It takes you on a Saturday teatime adventure in polyester, neon, flying cars and clunky, blocky animations. It’s great stuff.

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