What’s In the Box? – #4

11 Jan

Whats In The Box

You may recall that on the odd occasion last year (very rarely if we’re being honest), we would delve into our bulging inbox, rummage around a bit, and pick out a handful of tracks to showcase in a slightly different way to our normal posts

These are decent tracks that we have liked and enjoyed over the last seven days but that we simply haven’t had the time to write about properly. Rather than let them fester in the inbox, unheard and unloved, we decided to post a quick round-up with a few lines on each as we really want to bring you as much of the great music we get sent as possible.

So we have dusted off the old What’s In The Box feature (and will endeavour to post like this more often in the future) to bring you five tunes we’ve been sent and enjoyed in the last few days (or so, we’ve made extra allowances for the winter holidays this time).

Enough waffle, here are the tunes.

Moonriser – “Spiral Tunnel”

We start with something brand new from someone brand new, Canadian electro-pop duo Moonriser. With only a handful of plays and practically no online presence at all, this really is the start of something for Mackenzie Bromstad and Geoffo Reith.

They have both played in folk bands in the past but decided to try something a little different, though they say that some of their tunes are reworking’s of songs they wrote whilst being folksome. This debut track, “Spiral Tunnel”, is a sparse but melodic offering that put us in mind of the Opus III classic, “It’s Fine Day”, but much more stripped back and far less urgent. The vocal in particular has a lovely, gentle lilt that soothes and tingles, like a secret whisper in your ear.

“Spiral Tunnel” is available as a free download from the player below.

Quarterbar – “Raspberry School”

Also one half of Meanest Man Contest, Noah Blumberg has just released his latest solo album, Cloistered Realms performing as Quarterbar. We got in a bit of trouble tapping away on our desk while listening to “Raspberry School” as the stripped back hip hop beats mesh with ambient electronic melodies, samples and delicate jazz and orchestral flourishes.

Cloistered Realms is out now and available to buy here.

Cari Cari – “White Line Fever”

We almost get two songs for the price of one with this effort from Cari Car, a boy-girl duo from Austria. It starts off very calm, subdued and understated (and quiet – just so you know) with a muted bluesy riff percolating within as Stephanie Widmer and Alexander Köck walk around a soft focus room, sharing meaningful glances. Then Stephanie’s vocal begins to build up, becomes more forceful and we are flung outside with a more traditional garage rock soundtrack.

Cari Cari’s debut EP AMERIPPINDUNKLER will be released in the spring and “White Line Fever” is its first single.

Epilogues – “Secret Diary”

Last year, on a trip to Norwich from Leeds for a gig, Michael Donnelly (Epilogues) came and played a session for us in a bustling cafe, much to our enjoyment and that of the unsuspecting breakfast consuming patrons. No breakfasts have been disturbed by his latest tunes (as far as we are aware) but we’d recommend putting down any knives and forks you may have in your hand right now when listening to “Secret Diary”, as his charming and emotional folky ballad it deserves your full attention.

“Secret Diary” is taken from the Epilogues/HAUNTS split EP, which is available on a pay what you like deal, here.

Neon Satori – “Bells Of Esmeralda”

We finish with a little slice of atmospheric yet calming dance music, think Cafe Del Mar rather than Ministry of Sound. “Bells Of Esmeralda” is the debut single from ‘euphoric dance rock’ combo Neon Satori and, given that description, is a surprisingly soothing groove, sunrise on the beach kind of tune.

That’s it for this week, a gentle and speedy reintroduction of the feature. All being well, we’ll be back next Saturday for more inbox rummaging goodness.

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