Free Download: Rae Morris – “Skin”

13 Jan

Rae Morris

Rae Morris could be a name you are already familiar with, she has already released a reasonable amount of solo material and toured with some fairly large and well known acts. Despite this, hers was not a name we were familiar with until she suddenly seemed to be the subject of many an online and twitter conversation. The reason was her involvement with the returning Bombay Bicycle Club, specifically providing vocals for their latest track, “Luna”. With her name now known, we were intrigued when a new solo track popped up on our Soundcloud profile, and even more interested when we sat back and pressed play on “Skin”.

The simple piano intro immediately sparked a childhood memory but while it wasn’t a fantastical chocolate factory that Morris was taking us to, the journey was still one steeped in wonder and powerful emotion. Taken from her forthcoming solo album, “Skin” sounds like the exploration of a deserted city at night, a familiar place made magical as the lights shine down on us and the shadows spark the imagination into a world of mystery, passion and heartbreak.

Her Marina-esque vocal through the chorus offers familiarity but there is more magic to be found as she takes us by the hand through the quiet streets to a world of swirling string arrangements and crystal piano lines, all while the clock tick-tock’s the daybreak ever nearer. As the night draws to a close Rae slips off into the distance, like a folk-pop Cinderella, and just like that our far too short time in the world of “Skin” is ended.

Thank goodness for the repeat button.

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One Response to “Free Download: Rae Morris – “Skin””

  1. guteshoerenistwichtig January 13, 2014 at 08:10 #

    What a wonderful voice!
    Thanks for sharing, I’ve never heard about Rae before..
    All the best from Vienna!

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