Watch: White Prism – “Song 52”

13 Jan

White Prism Song 52

After first falling for the whispered naughtiness of White Prism’s ”Lover’s Dream”, we were then taken with the soft electro-pop tones of Johanna Cranitch’s debut EP (which incidentally made our Top 10 of the year). This year it is the visuals that are taking our fancy, so to speak, with the release of a new video for the EPs lead track, “Song 52”.

Seemingly filmed in an 80s fun fair, the video is brimming with neon, mirrors, nails that could rip your heart out and the type of phone you only find in a museum nowadays, it’s a suitably retro looking clip for a suitably retro sounding track.

Strong yet stark, almost clinical electronics beep out a start and as the neon pulses in time, a jump suited Cranitch plays with nails, phone cord and hair before her soft breathy vocals begin to fill your ears. It swoons rather than smoulders as the synths and rhythms entwine for a little choreography to match the dancing on screen and the visual trickery of a hall of mirrors.

If you are yet to fall for White Prism, this is a second chance as, evidently, her EP will be (re?)released in the spring. We’re not sure exactly as it has been available on iTunes since April so you can go get it now.

Stalk White Prism: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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