Free Download: Mega – “Doing It Wrong”

14 Jan


Everyone has a favourite Eddie Murphy movie right? Obviously no-one will jump up and excitedly proclaim Norbit to be the best film ever, but back in the late 80s he was on quite the roll. The reason we ask, in what is supposed to be a new music blog, is that upon hearing the opening line of “Doing It Wrong” by new LA based trio, Mega, we immediately thought of Coming To America. Sure, “Everybody telling me I’m doing it wrong/somebody tell me why I feel so good” isn’t quite ”If loving the Lord is wrong, I don’t want to be right”, but you get the idea.

Tenuous connections to classic comedy movies from 1988 aside, there is a lot to enjoy in this debut demo (well, joint debut, they posted another song “Forget The World” at the same time – it’s also very good). From the whooshing, step through a vortex type opening into the Cut Copy-esque vocals and stompy pop beat and beyond into the more chilled out grooves as the song progresses, the whole thing just sweeps you up on a cloud of laid back, late summer evening vibes.

Despite being a demo only the production is pretty polished and it feels like a finished piece. Given that two of the three Mega members are the duo behind production whizzes, Caswell, (Don and Sam) we shouldn’t be surprised (the third member incidentally is vocalist Ben – surnames are not required).

We don’t expect to link any more of their tunes to old-school Eddie Murphy flicks, but we hope that doesn’t discourage them from making more as clearly, there is a lot to be excited about with this new trio.

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