Free Download: Salt Cathedral – “Rainy Days”

14 Jan

Salt Cathedral - Rainy Days

With their latest track, a b-side no less, the alluring sounds of indie pop-ers Salt Cathedral could be signalling the end of an (albeit short) era. They are giving “Rainy Days” away for free (via the player below) as they say goodbye to guitars. What that means for their future exactly, we don’t know and wouldn’t like to speculate (fully digitised sound? Replacing guitars with kazoos? Air guitar?) so instead we will focus on the typically Salt Cathedral, yet not quite, sound of “Rainy Days”.

Juli Ronderos’s vocals sound as sweet and playful as ever and truly it is her distinct voice that helps set a Salt Cathedral track apart from others. Here though it has been joined by some rather playful digital noises, like a bright console, beeping and flashing on a spacecraft as it encounters alien worlds and creatures. The ship scoots along on the power of scuttling rhythms and guitar lines (we’ll miss those) diving and sweeping across the sky, taking its bouncy, folksy indie-popping melodies across the galaxies.

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