Listen: Spring Offensive – “Hengelo”

16 Jan

Spring Offensive - Hengelo

It stands to reason that, while others find inspiration in love, life and their immediate surroundings, those deft storytellers and purveyors of subtle, dark sentiments, Spring Offensive, should look elsewhere. And elsewhere it is indeed, to “Hengelo”, a Dutch town and home of the infamous “Forest Boy” Robin van Helsum, who ran away to Berlin and claimed he had lived in the forest for years with his now dead father.

Not exactly top of the list of song subject material we’re sure you’ll agree. Not that it matters for Spring Offensive have reached a level now where they could probably be handed a shopping list and weave it into a narrative heavy with emotion and set to nuanced, stirring melodies. We’ve said it before and no doubt will say it again, many times, they excel at building drama and a sense of profundity into each of their songs.

In “Hengelo” they have taken the tale of an errant hoaxer and delved into his motives rather than the fabrications he concocted; looking, as they do so well, for the humanity within. They deal in the mundane moments of life that can accumulate into the extraordinary; the feelings we experience everyday and likely don’t notice until it is too late. They seek and see the daily stresses of life and the unseen breaking points inside us all, reach in and mould them into songs that glide and rise, that send shivers down your spine as you recognise the reality within them but that raise you up on their deft arrangements and sublime melodies.

It is another wonderful track from a supremely talented band.

”Hengelo” is taken from Spring Offensive’s debut album ‘Young Animal Hearts’, due for release on 10 March.

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