Watch: Salt Ashes – “Somebody”

16 Jan

Salt Ashes

Salt Ashes… Salt Ashes… we said to ourselves the other day when “Somebody” popped up in our Soundcloud feed. Where do we know Salt Ashes from? The name rings a definite bell but she only has this track up on her Soundcloud profile so how or why are we following her? This makes no sense! We exclaimed in confused anguish as the cat nonchalantly looked up, not quite sneering at us as cats are prone to do, but the level of disdain was clear.

As he settled back down to dreaming about catching pigeons and that ginger cat from over the road, we regained our composure and hit play. We’re glad we did as what followed was four minutes of deliciously dark and sultry sounding disco pop with a hint of Light Years era Kylie (probably our favourite ) bubbling away within. Strings and synths mesh with crashing electronic beats to create a vibrant and infectious energy that emerges from underground, into the night, leaving disco lights on everything it touches.

Brighton based Veiga Sanchez actually came to our attention last year when she covered Depeche Mode’s “Black Celebration” (as we would later recall) though that, like her other earlier tracks, are now no longer online. Clearly “Somebody” is meant to signify the start of something, or somebody even, new.

Whatever the intention or underlying significance of it, “Somebody” is a cracking and vivacious pop tune, marbled with a shadowy and sexy undercurrent. Indeed, that’s entirely the vibe you get from the newly released video (which you can view below) as bodies entwine and the rhythm pulses like a heartbeat.

We may not have recognised the name to start with, but we won’t be forgetting Salt Ashes now, that’s for sure.

”Somebody” will be released on 17 February and is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

Stalk Salt Ashes: Twitter

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