Listen: MØ – “Don’t Wanna Dance”

17 Jan

MO Don't Want To Dance

Late last year, when describing Karen Marie Ørsted in our 2014 Previews, we said that if “you were to Weird Science up a perfect popstar for the 21st century, chances are you’d make ”. We mention this because with the release of her latest track, “Don’t Wanna Dance”, it feels a bit like she has tried to Weird Science up the perfect pop song. Using bits and pieces from her previous tracks and whatever was to hand; featuring as it does the distant calling vocals from “Pilgrim” and the digital horn section from “XXX 88”, as well as an occasional underlying synth sound that sounds, randomly, a bit like Haddaway’s “What Is Love”.

Premiered last night on Zane Lowe’s Radio One show (hence the radio rip below) it marks MØ’s continuing journey into calmer waters following the bombastic “XXX 88” with Diplo, and “Waste Of Time” before that. It’s a touch more poppy than her previous efforts, more, dare we say it, conventional. It is certainly a more refined pop sound, less full of attitude than normal but still exuberant and playful and making use of that subtle R&B groove that is so a la mode.

Out on the dance floor, living life as the centre of attention, it is essentially the cousin to Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”, and we can’t think of a higher compliment than that.

”Don’t Wanna Dance” is out now on iTunes. Her debut album ‘No Mythologies To Follow’ is out 10 March and available to pre-order here.

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