Listen: The Khanz – “Deerhunter”

17 Jan

The Khanz - Deerhunter

When we last encountered The Khanz, we described the sound of “Falling Apart” as like a Kraken emerging from an agitated abyss of emotion. Since then the Kraken has clearly decided not only to surface, but to hop ashore, fling on some Bermuda shorts (not sure how that would work), drink some beers, pop some disco biscuits and head off on jaunt down the seafront. No doubt stopping to play at the arcade, grab some candy floss and quite possibly insult a few passersby on the way.

There is no slow build, no sense of foreboding or doom, of a life that should be better but isn’t. No, this is a much more lively and infectious affair. It’s a bouncy cocktail of indie-pop, dance and a general care-free attitude. Yet the fun and frivolity in the sound masks the message within, and we know there is a message because while The Khanz like to enjoy themselves when making and playing music, they are not a pink wafer band (pink wafers have no nutritional value you see, we’re sure it’ll catch on as a descriptor in due course). They are about putting issues front and centre, as they did with “Falling Apart” and also with “Prescription Culture” beforehand.

Here they are looking at the confusion, uncertainty and general head-fuckery of sexual self-discovery. “I like that boy but that boy likes girls” they sing before putting Blur to shame with their convoluted connections of boys and girls, boys and boys, girls and girls, boys like me, girls like me etc. “So just forget it, if it’s not your feeling, don’t pretend you’re into it, because then I’ll think it’s worth it, and it’s not worth it.”

Just like adolescence, it is as confusing as anything. But unlike adolescence, it sounds fantastic and is full of highpoints only. No wonder that Kraken is getting his groove on by the beach.

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