Listen: Elsie – “Crying (Silent Whisper)”

21 Jan


It seems fitting that, the morning after Rosetta woke up from three years of stasis and resumed its mission to hunt down a comet and land a robot on its surface (no big deal really), we should feature something with a little bit of space to it. Sounding like a solitary craft weaving through the vast and lonely beauty of the universe, much like Rosetta, “Crying (Silent Whisper)” opens with a Jean Michel Jarre moment of flickering stars, galaxies and a sci fi artist’s view of the cosmos.

The main difference here though is that this craft is manned; manned by London based singer-songwriter Elsie who is hurtling through deep space in her electro-pop fuelled ship in a moment of introspection and understanding. She is also a backing vocalist for Sir Tom Jones no less, so before the track even starts you know she’s going to have one hell of a Voice – sorry, couldn’t help it (love puns) – but the vocals are matched by the infectiousness, beat and deep bass that spiral along with the synthy twinkliness.

Elsie sits alone in her ship, gear changes matched by the tempo of the song as she jumps in and out of light speed, tears running down her face as she escapes the planet crushing pain of the relationship that just stopped working. Something changed and it’s time to jump in the escape pod, whizzing through the heavens, outrunning the explosion (physics be dammed, it’s a good image) of anguish and heartbreak behind her amongst the constellations and planets.

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