Watch: A Weekend At The Feelies – “Glow”

21 Jan

A Weekend At The Feelies Glow

We’ve been big fans of Jordan Campbell since last year when he released the gloriously languid and atmospheric ”Lowly Buzzard”. Since then we have featured him fairly frequently and no doubt will continue to do so for some time, as he keeps churning out beautifully relaxed vibes like his latest, “Glow”.

There’s a “Theme from Twin Peaks” vibe to it as Campbell’s distant vocals glides across the light, summer evening guitar that will ultimately slip into a warm indie pop jangle. Time passes with a tick tick tick as a wide open sky of tranquillity drifts overhead, day becomes night becomes day again. Clouds pass by softly as the sunlight glares brightly, momentarily freed from its billowed shield before once again succumbing to marshmallow sounds. Birdsong melts into starlight and then the dawn, as a new days breaks with a vibrancy and optimism before that too settles into the steady rhythm of the afternoon.

For a track that deals with a desire to go back and change things, to have more time, it sounds as if it has all the time in the world. Even the video, which you can see below, is a suitably fuzzy and glowing four minutes of soft focus visuals to accompany a wonderfully soft focus tune.

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