Listen: Kendra Morris – “Concrete Wave”

23 Jan

Kendra Morris

We love that feeling you get when you hear the opening bars of a song and you get a tingle of excitement because you just know it’s going to be utterly fantastic. That instantaneous moment that exists when you fling a new track on and are immediately taken out of everything else and have to focus entirely and intently on the sounds filling your ears. That’s how we felt when the opening crash of drums, piano and the creeping guitar sounds of Kendra Morris’s newly re-released for the UK market “Concrete Wave” hit; we were instantly hooked.

We’d missed the track when it was originally released last year and had not heard the expression concrete wave before either. We presumed it was something architectural, a concrete wave sweeping out from the ground across the skyline for example, though it does sound a tad violent, a variation on a Glasgow Kiss perhaps?

It turns out our initial thought was mostly correct as it is apparently a skateboarding term. Flinging yourself about on an oversized roller skate never sounded so enticing as Kendra’s magnificently soulful and powerful voice rings out across the cityscape of seventies blaxploitation vibed funk (the bassline is amazing) and blues.

The skateboarding metaphor, Kendra says, is about that moment where you are doing something that “feels so good but could easily turn on you” and by God it is. It is dark and sensual, dangerous, sexy and ridiculously seductive all at once. It’s the aural equivalent of a secret sexual fantasy, one you’re not quite confident enough to suggest to your partner because it might involve kidnapping or being tied up by a stranger you met in a bar. You know it’s a bit edgy, dark and dangerous but you can’t help but be excited and turned on by it.

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One Response to “Listen: Kendra Morris – “Concrete Wave””

  1. Elsie January 28, 2014 at 14:06 #

    Yesss! Feeling this today! Elsie. xx

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