Listen: Saskatchewan – “Conclusion”

29 Jan


Before Google, Saskatchewan was one of those places we’d heard of, always thought sounded cool in an odd and intriguing kind of way, but actually knew nothing about. Now though we know it is a prairie province in Canada that borders the states and has cities with ridiculously brilliant names like Moose Jaw, Yorkton, Swift Current and North Battleford. Google focused on geography though and it did not tell us (immediately) that it is also the name of a rather captivating band from Florida, not Canada, oddly.

The brain child of Chandler Strang, Saskatchewan is a collection of like minded musicians that includes Day Joy singer, Michael Serrin (a former member, Serrin has just rejoined the band) which, given our love of Day Joy, was reason enough to get excited about what the guys have to offer. While he doesn’t feature on “Conclusion” (it was recorded before he re-joined the band), it does have a similar ethereal and dreamy feel to it.

Like the birth of spring after a long, hard winter, “Conclusion” is like a beginning, an awakening. Vocals, drums and synths stir the senses with a controlled power and swirling beauty. The light touches the ground and colours peek through as the frosted blanket thaws and flowers are roused from their slumber. It’s an ascent on the ear like a sunrise is to the eye, it’s captivating.

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